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Get the word out…

If you're a Network Marketer, or provide products & services of interest to Network Marketers, consider advertising with us.

It's simple, effective, and inexpensive… a great way to promote yourself.

Likely to be viewed by considerably more than 100,000 people in its first year…

It's an excellent way of getting business-building attention which'll help to develop better relationships with prospects, customers and others.


Space is available as page/partial-page.

Page-size is 8" x 10" (similar to People, Rolling Stone, Vogue, etcetera).

There's a variety of ways to get yourself noticed…

Full page.
$200 »

Half-page horizontal.
(Maximum one-per-page.)
$100 »

Quarter page.
(One of two-per-page.)
$50 »

Quarter page wide.
(Maximum one-per-page.)
$50 »

Listing (one-eighth) page.
$25 »

We'll interview you, and include the transcript as a link from the ad-space.
$100 text »

Audio interview.
We'll record an interview with you, and include the audio and text transcript as a link from the ad-space.
$250 text+audio »

  • Full/half/quarter-page ads are 'run of press (ROP)', placed where appropriate.
  • Listings can appear in two sections: the profile page of a specific NM company, and/or in a 'here's some Network Marketers' directory-type section.
  • We can design basic artwork/words/layout etcetera at no additional cost.
  • We can also organise 'collaborative' ads, for example: several unknown-to-each-other representatives of a specific company can share a half/full page.


Not sure about the benefits of advertising?


It's clear that some consider advertising wholly unnecessary.

Others ('the larger the Internet grows, the more important the role of advertising and the greater its power') know different, and recognise that advertising is essential for almost every business.

Paying to put your message in front of a targeted audience is far more effective than the alternatives of SEO, weblogs, article submissions, social networking, email-outs, etcetera.

Consider this:

Advertising is not what it used to be. The Internet has made it stronger.

Advertising has become the first step in permission marketing. It invites dialogue and interactivity with prospects and customers.

The goal of much advertising is not to make the sale, but to direct people to websites. That does not diminish the power of advertising. Instead, it increases it.

There is no question that advertising fuels the online flame. It seems to grease the skids to the sale.

Many so-called experts believe that the growth of the Internet signals the demise of advertising. I believe the opposite. Advertising is as important and necessary as ever—mandatory for a proper marketing mix than at any time in history.

The larger the Internet grows, the more important the role of advertising and the greater its power.

Jay Conrad Levinson, 'The new power of advertising'.

And this:

Advertising feels like an expense. It's not. It's an investment. An investment that takes a little while to pay-off, but when it does, it's magic.

Spend regularly on advertising. Yes, advertising is scary. It seems like a crap-shoot. You pay your money and nothing happens. You pay your money again and nothing happens. Then, after a while, it starts to pay. But most get impatient and give up too soon.

The way to plan your advertising is to budget for it. Then, every month, whether you need it or not, spend that money. Spend it when times are good. Spend it when times arent so good. Because advertising is a little like watering seeds, you don't want to miss even one cycle.

If you persist, directing your advertising to the same people over and over and over again, you'll make a dent.

Seth Godin, 'The Bootstrapper's Bible'.

Undertaken appropriately, it's an excellent way to get the message across… injecting personality into your offer/service/brand and genuinely helping to differentiate from potential competitors.

In recent years the amount spent on radio advertising has risen significantly… likely driven by increasing radio audiences (number of listeners and hours listening).

Radio advertising can of course be used alongside and to strengthen other web and/or print advertising. A basic 15-second slot should provide at least (and often more) exposure than a web or print ad.

Good ads have a message that's not just catchy and easily-remembered. They also engage the listener and encourage them to act.

Frequency is key. The basic message is built-upon and reinforced by appropriate variance and repetition in complementary slots, often of differing lengths.

That's enough pitching.