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A no-nonsense introduction to NM.

If you're looking for a Network Marketing opportunity, or maybe just curious, this will likely be of interest to you.

Who, what, where. Etcetera.

In addition to outlining the concept and introducing some of the companies and people, it explains just why Network Marketing is an excellent way for ordinary people to earn extraordinary income.

It's ideal for people who aren't in the business… either because they don't really know what it's about, or have perhaps previously had a less-than-satisfactory experience.

John Milton Fogg, founder.


It'll be published August 2018, as a free-to-read digital book/magazine optimised* for screen viewing.

(*To enable easier reading… it'll be single, rather than multi-column and decent-size text.)

And later this year, we'll add supplemental-updates onsite.

Page-size is 8" x 10" (similar to People, Rolling Stone, Vogue, etcetera).

Packed with factual-and-unbiased information, it'll includes articles, reviews, interviews, etcetera… with profiles of leading companies, and representatives who'll get you started.

Presenting a practical route into the business, it offers highly useful advice for those who might be interested in a Network Marketing career… whether part-time, or high-income pro.