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Notes: updates.

With free updates it's easy to know when new 'Notes' are added.

Brief title/teaser/link notifications of 'new stuff available on site', they're available as…

  • Rss: delivers new stuff within minutes of being published.
  • Email: a daily digest.


Our 'Notes' rss feed is available:

Unsure about rss?

Simply… it automatically advises you about new stuff on sites in which you're interested.


If you’re trying to keep up with news and content on web sites, you’re faced with the never-ending task of visiting them to check for new content.

RSS will deliver that content to you, almost as soon as it's published.

All your news is in one convenient place.

You can quickly scan update headlines and summaries, choosing to read just those which interest you.

And, unlike newsletters…

There's nothing to subscribe to.
And no fear of spam, or your email address being shared.

  • Most modern web browsers and email apps have a built-in feed reader.
  • Newsreader apps are available.
  • And, after the demise of the much-missed Google Reader, there's a variety of online alternatives (of which Feedly is free, simple, and works well).


If you're unfamiliar with rss, trying to explain more here likely won't help either of us.

Get the email updates, it's easier.


If you prefer updates by email, they're available through…

You'll get brief daily updates of what's been added in the last 24 hours.

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