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Wanted: co-conspirators.

We're keen to work with anyone who can help improve things here.

There's a variety of mutually-beneficial ways in which appropriate others (individuals and organisations) can become involved.

Simply… we're open to anything which makes this thing genuinely better for all.


Come and work, on a freelance (non-employed) basis, and with optional 'sweat'-equity.

To-be-filled roles include:

  • Manager/coordinator. A savvy head-honcho to set direction and watch over things.
  • Evangelist. Someone smart and chatty to handle the marketing, publicity, and social media stuff.
  • Content management. Content to be found, produced, etcetera.
  • Admin. The usual minutiae, without which it all falls apart.


  • Participation can be part- or full-time, short and longer-term.
  • Some roles may be combined (with one person covering multiple tasks), or shared (with multiple persons handling the tasks).
  • Geographic location is irrelevant (because we won't have a central base, and so the work can be done 'from wherever').

Interested? You'll need appropriate expertise/experience (or the desire and ability to learn fast).


We have a decent core offer, with enough onsite content to reasonably portray it.

What we don't have is enough influence, a large audience.

Our plans are to 'grow organically', by continuing to provide good stuff and try to raise awareness of it in a laid-back manner.

Beyond that, we're open to appropriate deals (anything that's decent and fair) with those who have an existing audience/following to whom they can introduce us.


Investment-only equity participation is also available.

Although we're genuinely none-too-bothered about funding because we can do the job without it, we're open to appropriate interest.

Anything else?

There's probably something we didn't think of.

So if you've something in mind, say so.


Although this is a commercial venture undertaken for profit, there's more to it than just money. So, a word about our ethos…

We utterly reject alliances based on anything other than open & honest, no-nonsense, non-exploitational, authenticity.


If you're curious or serious, this is not a time to be shy.

Tell us what you can do and what you want in return. Let's then agree a sensible deal and get on with it.